ctrl + P ctrl + P

a throwback to Miuccia's bread 'n' butter - PRINTS!!! simply dubbed the "Print Coll...

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2:32 PM

Stam Cam Stam Cam

Lacking serious time to come up with something better (I'm sure most of you understand the word exams) I hope you enjoy this: Jessica St...

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12:47 PM

they come and they go. they come and they go.

the weekends, that is. too quickly. it seems that every weekend for me consists of either a babyshow...

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7:41 PM

if the wedge fits. if the wedge fits.

some girls are platform pumps, some girls are strappy slingbacks, and others are like me...WEDGE LOV...

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5:10 PM

now you see me... now you see me...

..now you don't. the fashion industry's latest anticipated magazine, Industrie , has apparen...

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4:10 PM

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6:29 PM

i fell in love with the girl at the rock show.. i fell in love with the girl at the rock show..

although this is a painful reminder that i didn't get to go to coachella this year, these photos...

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5:32 PM

the thrill of thrifting the thrill of thrifting

   this past weekend, I went to 4th street, a small block of vintage stores, in LBC with my girlfrie...

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4:51 PM

N.Y.Seen & Heard N.Y.Seen & Heard

when I think NYC, I think: U.E.S, magnolia bakery, SoHo, MoMA, central park, papaya dogs, momofuku, ...

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1:35 PM

purely amazing. purely amazing.

miu miu + chanel + chloe = ZARA's SPRING 2010 LOOK BOOK. i think i just died. from the babydoll-...

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12:24 PM

velvet: part deux? velvet: part deux?

  i wouldn't normally toot my own horn, but BEEP BEEP. awhile back i was the editorial assistant...

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8:50 PM


today's just one of those days. the plastiscines make being a bitch look good, therefore today i will be one.

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12:53 PM

why, nylon. why. why, nylon. why.

this person should not be on the cover of nylon mag. she and her ecko reds need to get outta here!!!...

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12:29 PM

Shakespeare & Co. Shakespeare & Co.

when I saw this photo of liu wen inside of Shakespeare & Co. in Paris, it made me miss Paris soo...

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4:41 PM

class Alt. class Alt.

movers and shakers of the fashion world i've noticed are not over the top, considering the over ...

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4:09 PM

A Small Sign of Life A Small Sign of Life
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2:44 AM

on your TOES on your TOES

i love editorial spreads like this. so simple yet innovative. keeps ME on my toes.. freja beha eri...

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11:03 PM
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