When Cordinating Couples Look Fantastic When Cordinating Couples Look Fantastic

Freja Beha Erichsen and  Baptiste  Giabiconi for Chanel spring 2010 Source: style.com

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7:56 AM

Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle

The greatest tenor of all times wishing you a Merry Christmas.

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9:43 AM

Twin-Set Twin-Set


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2:36 PM

Prince Charming, Anyone? Prince Charming, Anyone?

Chanel Valentino Dior Victor & Rolf

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11:03 AM

I heart Vera Wang Clogs I heart Vera Wang Clogs

Spring/summer '10 runway shows benevolently allowed the return of the clog in all its stomping style, however, Vera Wang's design is...

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2:30 PM

2009 in fashion 2009 in fashion

According to Style.com http://www.style.com/trendsshopping/stylenotes/Year_In_Fashion_2009/

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4:47 AM

Face-to-face Face-to-face

Who wore it better? Stacy Dash in November 2009, or Katherine Jenkins in October 2009?? I think they should have both stayed home. Source: s...

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8:56 AM

Last Of Autumn Last Of Autumn

I took this pictures about a week ago, on one of our regular bike rides.

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5:59 AM

I'm loving.... I'm loving....

this Prada dress. (Just as I love the entire collection...but let's focus) Seriously, the details, the contrast of fabrics, the colors. ...

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8:25 AM

Humph Humph

Weeeeeell, So I'm trying to find tickets to Denmark for next year and that's not working very well....can you believe that Ryanair ...

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7:56 AM
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